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planes, trains, & automobiles

this mixtape was created for my new friend chris as part of a mixtape exchange.
all the songs fit the theme, meaning they somehow mention a plane, train, or automobile, or a metaphor or words mentioning these means of transportation.
it also is meant to be happy, with small undertones of adoration.
it starts upbeat, slows down to the middle, and speeds up to the end so that it flows in circles well.


the front cover is a photograph of an old car with acrylic detailing that follows into the inside of the tape.
the plastic case is designed with two silver lines that resemble the back of cars like mercedes and bmw
and the sides each have one of the three main words of the theme.
the track listing slides out of a pocket created by the photograph being folded and glued.
the track listing is on a single white paper with photographic detailing.

side a

time bomb rancid
baby you can drive my car the beatles
new york city they might be giants
IOU metric
driving in the dark saves the day
long line of cars cake
angels out of airplanes saturday looks good to me
plane crask in c rilo kiley
the engine driver the decemberists
washed your car cloud cult
sweet road animal collective
down the highway bob dylan
million miles mirah
trunk of my car volcano! i'm still excited
volvo in g grandaddy

side b
anthems for a seventeen year old girl broken social scene
car built to spill
cars and telephones the arcade fire
title and registration death cab for cutie
tempted squeeze
black cadillacs modest mouse
peace train cat stevens
in an aeroplane over the sea neutral milk hotel
born on a train the magnetic fields
make me a chevy the promise ring
little honda yo la tengo
train in vain the clash
i'm a wheel wilco
lightsabre cocksucking blues
not in track listing / hidden end track bonus track the new amsterdams **
** this does not fit the theme. the first time i saw chris was at a new amsterdams concert, it is a short song, it is fast, and it works with the flow. deal with it.

opinions? comments? anything.
i hope it also may help someone, somewhere.


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