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HELP crossposted

I'm grounded for taking a friend of mine who was running away up to Michigan and then lying about it. I'm making him a mix CD to listen to while he is grounded. I need songs about long trips, Michigan, Ohio, crushes, friends, running away, drummers, & sleep. Anything is good, but he tends to lean towards the hardcore, emo, screamo, metal side of music, so those suggestions would be most appeciated since I have tended to lean towards the more indie stuff.

moosh by big wig
i won't spend another night alone by the ataris (we listened to this cd in the car once)
letting go of tonight or alone in december by underoath (would there be a better underoath song?)
the crowing by coheed and cambria (? - better one?)
in my dreams i can fly by evergreen terrace
forever or the beginning or collision by as i lay dying (i lean towards the beginning)
for a bandaged iris by poison the well (i think i need a better poison the well)
nevada's grace by atreyu
two hours separate by farewell to fashion
falling for you by student rick (??)
ana ng by they might be giants (? - i love this song but... is it worth the risk of it not being able to fit in)
an afternoon laughing by saves the day
you're the one i want by jets to brazil
new year's project by further seems forever
the fiction we live by from autumn to ashes
i'll catch you or valentine by the get up kids

i really need a good mix that can flow from harder stuff to softer stuff. i need some good transition songs, please help. it's important to get this to him.


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'Some Say' by Sum 41
'War all The Time' by Thursday
and 'Its Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door' by Underoath is really good as well, for an underoath sugestion.